Friday, 5 February 2016

OUGD505 - Study Task 01 - Appropriation and Subversion

Today's study task was all about examining the themes of appropriation and subversion in visual culture and visual communication. We were given a load of materials ranging from magazines and newspapers to ink and card. We were encouraged to get creative by combining random imagery, patterns and textures and create compositions based on the found material. The objective of the study task was to experiment with found materials. combining them to create brand new pieces of visual communication.

I didn't want to create compositions that just look 'nice' or like they could be run of the mill collages, I wanted to create compositions that spoke with a specific tone of voice and had a subtle message. I kept in mind the current Goat Collective competition brief which I am planning on entering for the Responsive module. This brief focuses on disposable items and throw away culture within society, so it made perfect sense to incorporate today's work for the competition brief. 

Appropriation and supervision are concepts that I was already aware of/interested in prior to the study task session, however it was interesting and enlightening to look at them in relation to graphic design and wider visual communication, rather than confined within the context of fine art. I went away from the session feeling inspired, especially in terms of this brief. We were shown a number of slides about fanzine culture, something that was on my radar already, but I didn't really know an awful lot about it. Creating a publication in the aesthetic style of a fan zine is something I could investigate for this brief. 

Below are the pieces of work that I produced in the session. Each collage tackles the theme of disposable society in its own unique way. I am happy with the work that I produced in the short session. I found it useful and inspiring to actually produce some work that didn't directly involve the use of a computer at all. 

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