Sunday, 20 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Monotype - Digital Element Design Development

The brief required me to create at least one digital 'touch point' for the campaign, so I thought it would be relevant and appropriate to create a low maintenance campaign website to support the other collateral associated with the campaign.I have noticed that a lot of causes that target the general public tend to have a website of some description to support the main campaign.

I kept the over aesthetic of the website simple and paired back. I feel that it communicates the serious underlying message of the campaign successfully without being too clich├ęd or in your face. I achieved this through the use of white space and a monochrome colour palette and keeping the content to a minimum.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 'Relax' campaign of the 80s inspired my design choices here. T-shirts and badges were black and white, and use bold, caps typefaces, similar to Impact and Anton. This band was popular amongst the LGBT community, so the links here make sense within the context of the project.

These images are purely mock ups. If the website were to go live, it would feature animations, GIFs and would have a continuous scrolling feature.

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