Thursday, 3 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Secret 7 - Final Designs for 'Imagine'

I decided to submit four very different designs for John Lenon's 'Imagine', because I really like this song and had a lot of fun experimenting with digital collaging techniques. 

In this image, I combined a scan of a blood clot with microscopic view of bone tissue. I then completely changed the colours using the Hue/saturation tool. I think the effect achieved in interesting and highly abstract. The colours are vibrant, which contrasts with the tone of the song itself. This could be a bad thing, but I like to use bright colours throughout my design, so this is really a trade mark of my style.

Here I manipulated the colours of a microscopic image of a human intestine. It feels like a psychedelic landscape to me, which pays reference to John Lennon's wider interests and characteristics. I realise that this song is far from psychedelic but I want to create some contrast. 

I combined an image of human sperm with a large scan of a human brain here. I really like the darker colours and the liquid feeling you get when you merge two very different images. Conceptually this has very little to do with the song but I really like the patterns and gradients created through the digital combining.

Here I combined the image of the intestine with veins from the heart. Again, a psychedelic landscape appeared from using the various blending filters in Photoshop. I decided to use bright, trippy colours through tweaking the hue and saturation. This is my favourite design of the four because it feels so tactile and three dimensional. I feel most confident about this design. 

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