Friday, 25 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Monotype - Aesthetic Inspiration - Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill is very famous for his mixed use of letter-forms, primarily working with letterpress and analogue printing methods. I think his work is brilliant because it is clear that he really understands composition and the value of simplicity. This is something that I want to convey in my campaign: diversity and simplicity. 

His messages are always to the point, which is something that I am going to have to achieve through my designs. Successful campaign posters, banner etc are usually short, snappy and have high impact, this is definitely the tone that I need to strike through my designs. 

His brilliant mixture of type and bold use of colour has massively inspired and influenced my design treatment for this brief so far and I am going to continue referring back to his extensive body of work for further inspiration.

I also really appreciate his passion for letterpress and other analogue printing techniques. I personally didn't see the need to screen print my final work for this brief, it would have been nice but too time consuming. I can try to emulate the style of his letterpress work digitally which might be interesting. 


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