Wednesday, 16 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Saucy Fish Co. - Packaging Design Experimentation & Development

We decided to keep the structural packaging as minimalistic and de-cluttered as possible in terms of content and aesthetic. We chose to use colours which reflect the ingredients of the sauce in a bold and eye catching way, contrasting with plenty of back. The heavy use of black increased the premium feel of the product whilst paying respect to the existing packaging designs for the Saucy Fish Co. 

We delegated creative responsibilities within the group, I put myself forward to design the front of the packaging and to assist with the back of the design because I felt this would be the area I would be of most assistance in. One of the first things we did was decide on the typography. We all agreed that we wanted to use a typeface which mimics the existing ones use, so I went straight for Futura, a classic sans serif which feels contemporary and timeless. We then played around with the composition of the type and patterns. 

Here we wanted to see what block colour would offer. It looked nice, but felt a little safe and plain, it wouldn't really grab your attention too much on the shelf in the supermarket. 

So we opted to incorporate some of the best parts of the ink experiments we did at the start of the brief. I manipulated them on Photoshop, increasing the sharpness, contrast and altering the hues to match the colour we allocated each of the products that we came up with. I really enjoyed creating these designs, they felt experimental and contemporary. I think this ink touch adds a freshness to the design rather than relying entirely on flat colour.

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