Thursday, 3 March 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Questions for First Feedback Session

OUGD505/Brief 02/ Area of Research

I am very interested in modern food production methods and processes. I recently watched Cowspiracy, which has definitely influenced my current research direction. I aim to look in-depth at the damaging impacts modern agriculture is having on our environment and climate. My research will be focused on facts, statistics and data surrounding these issues. I am to find an appropriate way to educate people about these issues without being condescending; hopefully guiding them to making more informed, conscious decisions about the food they purchase and consider the scale of the production of the products.

What is your view on vegetarianism or veganism?

Can you see any obvious issues with my initial line of investigation?

What are the potential problems associated with producing work about food production, environmental impacts, climate change, vegetarianism, life style changes and how do I avoid running into them?

Which communicative outputs would you engage with the most and why? (publication, zine, posters, flyers, leaflets, websites, animations, audio work)

Who do you think would be most responsive to work of this nature? (the most obvious target audience)

Who would be the least obvious target audience?

Do you think the work should be heavy on pure imagery/illustration, pure typography or a healthy mixture of the two?

Do you think guerrilla style distribution would work effectively for this project?

Are there any projects, designers or artists I should be looking into?

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