Tuesday, 29 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Blank Poster Entries

A Blank Poster has a lot of potential
—which is why every week we create posters based on a randomly generated word. The word works as the only common guideline for all participants and there are no judges so everyone is free to interpret the brief in their own way. The goal is to have a nice break from busy things and to be able to exercise creativity without restrictions.
We would love to have you with us so send us your poster design featuring the word of the week or if you’d like you can create a poster based on an old word which you can find an overview of in the filter function. The posters are made in a 5×7 ratio and submitted in a 1400 x 1960px size.

A friend on the course showed me this website a few weeks ago, I was instantly intrigued and thought it would be a worthwhile use of my time entering designs to this as regularly as I can. The word changes each week, which is a nice concept. The word that I chose to enter was SEARCH.

The first thing that came to mind was searching for paradise. I feel that this is something a lot of people do a lot of the time, because they are fed up of their life at home. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some pretty exotic locations, which were paradise to me at the time. I took a lot of photographs on my travels, and I saw this brief as a great way of manipulating and using my travel photography. Palm trees are synonymous with 'paradise' so I converted a section of an image into a brush in Photoshop and created vibrant, neon compositions with the brush. The results were pleasing, so I emailed them into Blank Poster. 

Another thing that I think about when the word SEARCH comes up is the concept of having a tribe in life. I believe that there is a tribe of like minded people waiting out there for everyone, should they feel they need to go and find them. Personally, I don't feel that I have found a solid tribe of people that I can truly relate to on a creative level, so I am still searching and seeking for them at this moment in time. I thought it would be a nice concept to create a poster around this theme of searching or like minded people. I wanted the design to make an impact, so I used a bold contemporary typeface paired with a simplistic image of a wild cat. The image of the cat conceptually ties into the theme of tribes. I think the poster is successful as it draws inspiration and influence from fan zines which are something I associate with gangs, tribes and followings. It was a fun exercise responding to this very open brief. I create all of the designs in under an hour, which was challenging. Working quickly is something I am good at, but have been trying to avoid recently. However, working quickly for this project was beneficial. I look forward to entering designs to BlankPoster regularly over the coming weeks. 

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