Thursday, 24 March 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Monotype - Additional Touchpoint Final Printed Mockup

For submission to D&AD, I decided to print one A5 mockup of my Unpin The Badge zine on high quality bright blue stock from the college library. I used the digital print resource at LCA to print the mockup out. I decided to print out one copy to save money, I didn't see the need to print our five different copies on five different coloured stocks. I am really proud of the final outcome for this aspect of the brief, I feel it looks highly professional and I believe it would easily appeal to a very wide range of people including young teenagers right the way through to 30 year old adults. 

The booklet would be distributed far and wide, appearing anywhere, especially in work places, offices, schools, colleges and universities and in cafe's and bars. The booklet would be free and can be ordered online via the campaigns website. Because the booklets use only black inks, the printing costs would be in theory, very low, meaning they could be printed and produced in large batches and distributed across the UK. 

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