Thursday, 5 February 2015

OUGD404 - Design Principles - Book Binding Workshop

Today we had a book binding workshop in the Vernon Street print room. The workshop lasted around 2 hours and it was really fun and enjoyable to actually get hands on with something and make a product worth keeping and using. We learnt very quickly how to make three types of book, using three different binding methods and approaches. 

The first book we made used a very simple stitching method, which involved us folding the paper for the inside in half along with the cover, piercing two holes in the centre of the spine with a special pin and then threading cotton through the two holes and tying a knot in the inside of the booklet to finish the bind. This process took around 10 minutes and was extremely easy to do. 

The second method we used is called 'Japanese stab bind'. This was a lot more challenging to do but in the end I produced quite a neat bind. It took slightly longer as well, as we had to drill holes into the paper and then stitch the cotton through very precisely and follow a specific pattern. Out of all the stitches that we learnt, I liked this one the most as it gives a really nice feel to the book and is also probably the strongest binding method, the pages are tightly bound together and will not fall out. 

Finally, we learnt how to make an accordion fold/consortia folded book. This was my least successful bind, as I rushed the glueing process. I found this binding method the most fun however, and the booklet I produced didn't look too bad in the end. I want to use this folding and binding method for my resolution to the brief 'What is a book' as I feel it is quite a unique way of answering the question. The layout design will be challenging but I am confident that I will produce a final product that is of a high standard. 

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