Monday, 2 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 01 - Mark Making Exercise

Today in the studio we took part in a fun activity in which we had to visually respond the sounds we heard as a group. We listened to all of the songs that are being featured in the Secret 7 Brief and responded to what we heard through various mark making techniques. I had a lot of fun doing this task, as I had done something similar on my foundation course. It really lets your creativity flow and allows you to be probably the most expressive you can for a brief of this nature. We were instructed to make various marks using different approaches, such as drawing, scratching, impressing, folding, tearing, using lines and scribbles etc.  

The Supreme's - Reflections: for this track we were asked to respond in several different ways. First we had to write down significant lyrics from the song in an expressive way, basically using sketching and typography to represent the semiotics and meanings behind the lyrics. This was an interesting task and it gave me insight into the various ways words can be interpreted through mark making. 

Underworld - Born Slippy NUXX: For this track, one person was asked the hold the piece of paper and other person had to hold the mark making tool. The person holding the paper had to move it around to the music in order to make the marks on the paper. This collaborative approach was really fun and again gave me insight into various different techniques that can be used in this type of exercise. 

The Maccabees - Go: for this track, the piece of paper was passed around the room and each person had to respond to a 30 second part of the song using shapes. This method produced some really lovely abstract results that could be taken further. 

The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers

The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be: Again for this track we were asked to respond using abstract shapes and to just let the pen flow. We were not supposed to take the pen off the page, giving us continuous lines to work with. This approach was really entertaining and the results were interesting. 

This experience was great in helping me to generate a range of ideas quickly and efficiently. Simon said at the start of this brief to make sure to record all of instant 'safe' ideas, in other words our initial ideas which weren't conceptual and could be viewed as obvious or boring. Doing this helps you to get out of your comfort zone, to think conceptually and really step out of the pre-defined box. This exercise for me helped me to think conceptually and ultimately aided me to begin working in a way which was different to my standard design treatment and process. 

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