Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OUGD406 - Secret 7 - Further Idea Generation

I experimented with my own photography and pushed a few of my 'obvious' concepts around before settling on solid ideas. The concept behind the hands was to warn people and push them away. The song's opening lyrics are 'Get back to your seats' and this is where the inspiration for the use of hands came from. 

I then altered the hues and experimented with various blending modes and type to push the concept further. I feel the type choice is appropriate and quite representational of digital realms.

Further development of the lone figure concept: using colour and repetition to really develop the ideas. The lyrics make me feel quite uneasy and the word witness often reminds me of a singular figure and that is why I chose to take this idea forward. Isolating the image of a lone person standing gazing out to the horizon conceptually represents this song for me, 

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