Monday, 23 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 02 - Final Three Concepts

Here are a number of variations for possible final resolutions to this brief, where we have to produce a two colour A4 screen print of the final design. I came up with the eye concept at the last minute and I am quite proud of it. However I asked for some informal feedback on these designs in the studio and people said they are a bit sinister and intense and don't really match well with the content of the book its self, and I agree, I just think they are the mos unusual, abstract and exciting designs that I have produced so far within this brief. The pointing finger concept is something I am proud of too but again its a little obvious. At this point I think the fish idea is the most visually pleasing and my strongest concept of the three and I think I am going to take these designs to the screen printing process. 

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