Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 01 - Secret 7 - Factory Records

Factory Records was a Manchester based British independent record label, started in 1978 by Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus, which featured several prominent musical acts on its roster such as Joy DivisionNew OrderA Certain RatioThe Durutti ColumnHappy MondaysNorthside, The album artwork for Factory Records over the years has been stunning and in a lot of cases very abstract. Their compilation CD's often had very striking covers and their use of colour and pattern really informed my design decisions and development for this brief. 

New Order - Fine Time single cover

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle single cover

New Order - State of the Nation single cover

New Order - Round and Round single cover

Fact 74 - the Deruitti Column

I really like the more art and crafty feel of these designs, they are so different to some of the work that I have already looked at as part of my research. I feel that the Secret 7 Exhibition will be looking for a range of works to house in the show, and they will probably favour the more original designs which haven't purely kept it digital. Working with a range of materials will be better and is something I want to develop throughout the duration of this course, however for this brief, I think working digitally is appropriate not only for the context of the song but in terms of time management.

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