Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 01 - Secret 7 - Photographic Experimentation and Concept Development

I decided to get a bit experimental in my design treatment by photographing a design I made on Photoshop with my SLR camera. I put the design on the monitor and then photographed it multiple times from different angles and with different focusing methods to create varying depths of field. I then put them back into my computer and began to manipulate the photographs into further designs for this brief. This method was really quick and easy to do so it wasn't a problem at all. It was a really enjoyable task as well and the results look generally great. By photographing the screen over and over I was further developing the concept of fragmented digital realities and re-witnessing something over and over until it all blurs into one.

These images work really well as they are vibrant and full of contrasts, something that I want my final designs to be heavily focused on. I am quite interested in generating designs that communicate my concepts using only type and no semiotics what so ever. Designs which use only type can be quite conceptual and effective if done well so that was my reasoning behind this process.

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