Tuesday, 24 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 02 - Wrap Around Sleve Mock Ups

Various designs for a wrap around cover/dust jacket for my chosen publication. I decided to use quite a lot of white space as I wanted to stay true to the original design and over all aesthetic of Paul Arden's book. The book has a very minimalistic existing feel and I felt like that didn't really needed to be changed. I used Arial throughout the design, as this subtly and in a witty way challenges your initial thoughts towards the designs. In my interim crit, the majority of my class mates thought that I had opted to use Helvetica, as this would have been the obvious choice. However, this book is all about thinking different and challenging pre-existing ideas, so I used a font that is just as appreciated as Helvetica for being a successful Sans Serif. 

I am pleased with my final concepts, as I feel they are true to Penguin publications in general, contextually they fit in with Penguins famous aesthetic. 


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