Saturday, 7 February 2015

Photography Induction - Studio Lighting and Composition

Today we took part in a studio lighting photography induction. I found the session really beneficial and fun. It was really interesting learning about the range of photography equipment on offer at the college. We we taught how to set up the equipment and ensemble the products that are being photographed in appropriate ways to get the best results. We were introduced to tripods, stands, professional lights, reflectors and diffusers and many other pieces of kit. 

Below are a few examples of my products in the studio that I arranged, set up and shot using the studio lighting equipment. 

I played around with using the tripods many angles and positions. I also experimented with zoom and height to change the depth of field. We used grey cards to set accurate white balances to make sure the photographs represented the true colours of the products.

I photographs the various mini booklets that I produced earlier in the week in a book binding induction session. I am really pleased with how they look when photographed. I think I created them to a high finish quality and I think the colours I chose for the coverings look excellent in contrast with bold background colours. 

I then went on to photographing the studio mannequin. I really liked its elegance and smooth shape and photographed in deliberately to experiment with for the secret 7 brief. I thought that the blank expression of the face would reflect the song I am designing for really well. Again I experimented with composition, zoom and focusing. I am really pleased with how sharp and sleek the images are. 

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