Friday, 13 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 01 - Final Crit for Secret 7

The final crit for this brief was a really useful one. I was planning on submitted around five of my designs for the actual competition, but people told me in the crit that this probably wasn't the best idea, because they said I would have more of a chance of actually getting selected with fewer, more effective designs, and I completely agreed with this advice. Below are the final three designs that I am submitting to the competition and I am really pleased with my decision. The crit made me realise that I actually really enjoyed doing this brief and this is the sort of graphic design that I see myself doing for a career. I got a lot from this brief, I found all the crit sessions very useful and rewarding in terms of development. I am also really glad that I did so much research and didn't just stick to my initial ideas. I did plenty of thumbnail sketches before even starting work on the computer. I made mistake, I designed things which were really bad and things that I was proud of, and it was all part of my development. I tried out a number of different ways of working and working across media which I am also proud of. Hopefully I get selected to be exhibited in London. 

Feedback forms for the final crit:

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