Tuesday, 3 February 2015

OUGD406 - Brief 01 - Initial Sketches

Initial thumbnail sketches: I began by doing a number of thumbnail sketches for this brief. When Simon told us that we only had just over a week to produce the final resolution for this brief, I was initially quite scared and panicked slightly, as I really liked the sound of the brief and was instantly excited to produce some worthwhile very interesting work. Looking back, I think having a shorter time frame to work in actually forced me to produce much better work.

My initial thumbnails attempted to tackle the song and its meaning in quite an obvious way. We were initially encouraged to do this, to get rid of any obvious or safe concepts or ideas we may have had in the first few moments of listening to the songs, I chose to go with 'Digital Witness' by St. Vincent, as I was really drawn to its quirky messages and feelings it gave me, I also really enjoyed watching the music video. In my first sketches, I paid particular attention to some of the lyrics I found most interesting, and tried to work closely with certain semiotics associated with the words.

In this sketch, I attempted to draw St. Vincent herself. Nowadays, a lot of single covers feature portraits of the artist them self, so that is what I went for here. I like this idea, but for me it is far too safe and obvious. I want to create something that is meaningful and subtly links to the lyrics of the song. 

Here I sketched out an image of someone gnashing their teeth, as this is one of the key lyrics in the song. I feel this works quite well as a stand alone image and has potential to work as the album cover. 

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