Thursday, 17 December 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Chicago Latino Film Festival - Secondary Research

After researching some contemporary film festival poster design, I thought it would be useful to look at imagery associated with Latino culture. I had a brief idea of some symbols, patterns and imagery that I could look to include in my designs before conducting research, but it was all pretty predictable. It included imagery of skulls, Mexican wrestlers, palm trees and so on. I looked online at imagery associated with ancient Latino culture. I wanted to mix the old with the new essentially. So I searched for images of Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations. I came across some great imagery that inspired me to explore the route of Incan masks and combining these shapes with shapes associated with old fashioned film reels. I then knew I could combine these ancient inspired signs and symbols with contemporary sans serif typefaces, I felt this combination would be a success. Below are a few key images which directly influenced by aesthetic and typographic development for this brief:

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