Sunday, 27 December 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 04 - Desktop Site

After setting up the final wire-frames, I was able to redesign the website more confidently. My main feedback from the crit was the focus on making the website more exciting and engaging. I also needed to make it feel more temporary and campaign like. The focus was now on GIFs. The landing page is a GIF which transitions into the main page of the site. The user is presented with a flashing image, encouraging them to interact with social media and 'join in the conversation'. When they exit the message they are presented with a wall of GIFs, all of which are taken from a selection of Jones' music videos. The images have lyrics and tweets overlaid which flash on and off at a regular pace. The messages on the GIFs alternate and change when people tweet using the hashtag: #letsgonightclubbing or simply #gracejones. 

The user is then encouraged to scroll through the site using the bright yellow scroll bar to the right hand side. They will find background information about the record and tour dates to a promotional set of gigs. The last page is very minimalistic; it includes three icons and a large banner saying 'PRE-ORDER NOW', which should encourage users to pre-order or at least sample the album via the internet. This is the ultimate goal of the site. 

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