Wednesday, 2 December 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Chicago Latino Film Festival - Decoding The Brief

The Brief:

The brief is incredibly open. I am allowed to enter as many different designs as I like which always excites me. This means that I can be as experimental and broad in my approach as I wish, giving me total creative freedom. The brief is simply asking me design a poster promoting the upcoming Latino Film Festival in Chicago, USA. It is important that I make it clear that it is the 32nd annual festival, other than that I have creative license to include anything else visual that I see fit.


I must incorporate visual components that link to the theme of Latin American film culture. It may also be a good idea to incorporate things associated with Chicago, try and blend the two together into some sort of hybrid. Basically anything associated with Latinos, film memorabilia and urban environments. This is going to be a nice brief, because everything that instantly springs to mind is vibrant, playful and visually diverse. It's going to be a fun challenge communicating all of the necessary information whilst remaining true to my own style and visual preferences.

Initial Thoughts:

I want to create a design that is simple, functional and to the point. I don't want it to be too busy or all over the place. I am currently trying to refine a more contemporary, minimalistic visual style in my work, especially in poster design (something I have a massive interest in and passion for) Therefore, I will be taking a lot of inspiration from modernist poster design as well as keeping my finger on the pulse of contemporary trends and movements in this area. I could alternatively go down a more vibrant, expressionistic route using abstract combinations of type, image, pattern and colour. We shall see, experimentation is going to be key.

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