Friday, 18 December 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Chicago Latino Film Festival - Development of Ideas

I decided to fully explore the route of Latino masks for this brief. I came across a free vector illustration online which provided me with the most inspiration. Obviously, I wasn't able to use someone else's artwork in my final poster designs, so I experimented for a while with duplicating and placing the vector found online, and then had a go at illustrating my own using Adobe Illustrator. 

Before starting level 05, I had a very limited knowledge of how to use Illustrator. I really struggles with using the pen tool etc, but I wanted to develop my skills, expand my practice and ultimately challenge myself, so I set myself the task of drawing a mask that was very similar to the one I came across online. Once I got started, it was pretty straight forward and I managed to draw a vectorised mask in a matter of minutes. This digital illustration will form the basis of all the experimentation to come. I want to incorporate the mask thoroughly and try to hybrid it with other cultural symbols associated with the themes of Latino culture and film festival iconography. 

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