Thursday, 24 December 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 04 - Inspiration

In the crit session with Only Studio, it was suggested that I looked into Channel 4's Newswall, a website centred around fast moving GIFs that deliver bite size chunks of the latest news stories. The guys from Only said that they really liked the numerous GIFs that I had created in the early stages of this brief, saying it was where my strongest concept lay. I took this feedback on board and examined Newswall, paying particular attention to the layout of the GIFs, how the type was displayed and the overall user experience. I also looked at one of my favourite art and design inspiration sites; BauBauHaus, because they display their images in a similar way, with a continuous scrolling feature. I am glad that I decided to re-evaluate my website's layout and aesthetic, because it did feel unprofessional and there was barely a sense of hype or excitement being created around the album launch. 

I think the layout of the GIFs on the Newswall is very effective. I believe the stories that are breaking or have more interest appear as larger GIFs on the wall, and the older, less relevant stories appear as smaller. This is a subtle and efficient way of communicating the latest information, something that has inspired the development of my own design. 

When you click on a GIF, you are presented with the bite-size news article which appears on top of the wall of moving images.

One of my favourite features of this website is the logo in the top left hand corner. It is located in a black bar that runs across the top of the website, and when the user scrolls down the page to reveal the content, the images scroll behind the type and fill it in. It is a subtle feature but I think its really interesting and gives the website that little bit of originality that other sites of a similar nature don't have. It has inspired me to experiment with similar effects on my website prototype. 

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