Thursday, 10 December 2015

OUGD503 - Brief 01 - Penguin Random House - Refining of Design

I got positive feedback on my designs to date. People commented on the idea of having the woman's hips spread across the front and back covers and how this was an interesting and subtle effect. I was a fan of this concept but after looking at the design over and over, something just didn't sit too well with me. I tried to be as playful with the type on the back cover as I could without it coming off as cheap or unprofessional. I attempted to wrap some of the type around the hips of the illustration but it wasn't working. I then formatted all of the type to the left hand side, which left a random white area to the right. This too wasn't overly aesthetically pleasing. 

I then asked for further feedback from my peers who were still excited by the initial idea to have the illustration stretched across the wrap around sleeve. People were telling me to really think about the placement of the text and how I could incorporate it nicely with the rest of the illustration. I listened to the feedback but couldn't help but disagree. I moved away from this concept, abandoning the idea of weaving the illustration all the way around. I am happy that I made that move.

Here is the finalised design. It feels mature, classic and more realised than the previous experimentations. There is a definite sense of order and flow of information. I am pleased that I decided to make the background black and turn the simple lines of the woman's body into white. Now the audience really has to look at the lines closely to notice to positive and negative space. I resolved the issues of placement of the type on the back cover through central alignment. This does look a little like a list but I think it looks sophisticated and communicates the text effectively. 

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