Tuesday, 1 December 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 04 - Target Audience Analysis

Demographic Profile and Needs and Wants:

I decided it would be a good idea to create a more in depth analysis of the target audience/user of the website using a similar approach to creating a 'lean persona'.

Grace Jones' career peaked in the 1980's, however she began producing music and attracting a following earlier than that. She has continued to produce records, releasing a successful album as recently as 2008. That goes to show how popular and cherished she is as a performer. Her original fans are loyal, it would seem. Jones had such a profound impact on popular culture and has influenced many contemporary artists in the field of music and fashion, that has a firm grip over the people who listened to her music since the day they were originally released.

I would say that the dominating demographic of listeners/consumers of Jones' music would be people who are now in their mid to late forties/early fifties. These people were around and appreciated the music when it first came out, and have a certain level of nostalgia towards the most famous songs from the album Nightclubbing, especially 'Pull Up to the Bumper'. The campaign website will be targeting this predominant audience group. The main aim and purpose of the website will be to rekindle the excitement and hype for the music and the performer.

Additionally, the website will need to cater towards a younger, fresher generation of listeners. Funk, disco and new wave music that was released towards the end of the 1970s and throughout the 80s is definitely making a comeback at the moment. Many people ranging from the age of 18 through to 25 are discovering this music now for the first time, over 30 years after its original release. The website will serve to attract this younger generation of consumers and try to create a new found fan base for Grace Jones. It will need to inform them about how iconic and influential Jones is, but in a way that isn't patronising or condescending.

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