Saturday, 2 April 2016

OUGD503 - Brief 02 - Saucy Fish Co - Promotional Poster Designs

The main deliverable for this brief was of course, the structural packaging design. As a team, and especially on an individual level, I felt that this wasn't going to enough for us to stand out in the competition. I felt the need to design more than just a new, fresh packaging solution, and my team members were in agreement. Once we had finished the packaging design, and refined a strong aesthetic, myself and Laura got to work on designing some minimal posters that would appear alongside the new product when launched in the supermarkets. 

The posters would ideally be features within the walls of a supermarket or displayed on the windows. Alternatively, and probably more appropriately, the posters could be displayed on billboards or just posted around urban environments where a younger demographic could engage with them. They are bold and link directly to the existing brand identity for the Saucy Fish Co. We used a very similar colour pallet deliberately, because we saw nothing that needed drastically changing about the existing aesthetic. This in theory should attract new and old customers to try out the brand new products. 

We incorporated our group ink and brusho experimentations into the design. We felt this gave the poster a contemporary, young feel whilst also visually linking to the characteristics of the new products. We were not supplied with any imagery of the new product, but there is room on the poster for a small image of the fish its self. If the judges like our designs, that element could easily be added to the poster designs. I feel they are successful and would definitely make an impact to me if I were to walk past them displayed on the street. 

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