Saturday, 2 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 01 - Experimental Works with Money

I came across this intriguing series of collages by a French artist on Tumblr. Phillipe Petremant creates a comical collection of artworks entitled ‘the magnificent seven’ by folding banknotes and transforming the ornamental motifs into absurd portraits, currently being shown at festival circulation(s), at parc de bagatelle in Paris. p├ętremant’s mutation of ordinary and usual objects into works of art challenges one’s concept of reality, blurring the limit between what is credible and what is not. 

I find these works inspiring for a number of reasons, mainly because I am a massive fan of creative collage work that plays with perspective and scale. What is interesting about these works is how the various banknotes from across the world seem unintentionally to integrate and interlock with one another. He has managed to create mixed gender portraits which are comical and witty. I really appreciate the style of the collages, jagged and unpolished, this is something I could look at working with for my banknote designs. I could easily translate a collage into a screen print, and the results would be interesting because I would be working with flat layers of colour. Something to consider looking into. 

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