Friday, 1 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 01 - Conceptual and Aesthetic Development

During my time at A-level fine art, I did some detailed, rather ornate illustrations of a rams skull which I used to screen print with. I had forgotten about them until doing this project, when I remembered how good they were and realised they could come in handy for these designs. I created a repeat pattern with them back then, so decided to re-evaluate the patterns and improve them to make them more suitable for my bank notes. I was struggling to pick a symbol to feature on the notes, luckily, rams skulls have close connections with Satanic worship and the afterlife. This artwork came in handy and prompted me to create a bolder, more striking repeat pattern. 

I am going to use these patterns for the background of my banknotes, rather than faffing around with circles and geometric forms. The horns of the skull interlace to form beautiful, abstract patterns of their own and look stunning in pure outline form. I think I will use the skull as either a running theme in all of the designs or extend the theme to look at other creatures associated with evil and the devil, for example snakes, bats or ravens. 

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