Monday, 4 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Research - Statistics & Info Graphics

A large proportion of the secondary research carried out for this brief was into statistics, facts and figures associated with food waste issues. I wanted to incorporate a lot of these stats into my practical work in order to enlighten and educate people about the issues in a convincing, professional manner. People definitely react to statistics, but I didn't want to use them in a scaremongering fashion. I simply wanted to include them to demonstrate the scale and extent of the problems. 

The internet came in use here, because it is full of very recent and up to date statistics on the matter. I could have done some primary research for this, but it seemed too tedious and not broad enough, it wouldn't have been conducive to the development of the project. Additionally, if I had looked in books, I would have been steering off course in terms of accuracy and relevance. Our current food waste habits have been building in momentum for many years, since the rise of industrialism, capitalism and consumer society, so I needed to make sure I was taking this into consideration when researching. I wanted my project to tackle current, contemporary issues, so that's why I primarily used the internet to source my information. 

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