Sunday, 3 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Self Defined Brief (Rationale)

Let's Get Food Smart!

Design, create and produce a fully realised brand/identity for the charitable organisation: The Real Junk Food Project. The identity must represent the core values of the organisation whilst sitting comfortably within the field of contemporary cafe and restaurant branding. The aesthetic needs to appeal to a very broad range of audiences within society (as the organisation caters to people from all backgrounds), but must compromise the intentions of this highly poignant cause. 

The Real Junk Food Project is an independent, non-government funded organisation which relies solely on donates in time, money and skill from a host of volunteers across the world. How will these factors influence your design decisions, process and treatment in terms of aesthetics, ethics and of course, budget? These are considerations that you will need to take very seriously when creating your concept. 

The aim of the charity is to dramatically reduce our food waste habits on a local, national and global scale, with an ultimate vision to create total food security for future generations to come. They divert food destined for landfill and transform it into delicious, healthy meals for local communities to consume at a 'pay as you feel' rate. Understandably, this idea is bound to seem initially unfamiliar and alien, and is not going to appeal to everyone. It is your job to change these preconceptions and make the idea of 'Real Junk Food' socially acceptable, desirable and exciting

Food waste not only impacts the environment, it also has drastic implications on the economy. As well as creating the identity for the organisation, you will need to create an integrated campaign to promote to the general public the positive benefits of becoming food smart. This campaign could be completely in print form, or digital or maybe even a balanced combination of both. Similarly to the branding, it needs to appeal to broad groups within society and be inclusive of people from all walks of life, as ultimately the issues associated with our food waste habits affect everyone alive. The main strap line of the organisation is 'Feed Bellies, Not Bins', you must incorporate this into the branding and integrated design campaign as well as the hashtag: #letsgetfoodsmart


At least one logo design (logotype, iconic or a combination of both)

A series of advertising posters (A4, A3)

A series of campaign posters (A4, A3)

Any other collateral you see fit

A series of printed t-shirts, tote bags and takeaway bags

A desktop website mockup (wireframes or simulation)

A promotional food smart stater kit/pack for people at home

For more information about The Real Junk Food Project, visit:

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