Thursday, 21 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Re-briefing and Analysis

Design Practice 2 Re-Briefing

Effectiveness as a designer, professionalism etc – very independent brief

A highly personal project, reflecting personal ambitions and creative concerns

It doesn’t have to be worthy necessarily but it does need to have bite to it

Research and independent approaches are key – ultimately about problem 
solving, theoretical, conceptual and contextual insights. Using a range of skills acquired from a range of previous modules

Explore wider contexts than pure ‘graphic design’ – delve into areas of visual 
communication which are out of the comfort zone – take in broader consideration

Conceptually appropriate outcomes are what Danny is looking for

Give yourself a problem and then really try to unpick what would make a successful resolution to that specific problem. Think wider and don't just follow your tried and tested design process. 

Remember to also consider the distribution of the money – sets, denominations, where it would appear etc – how would it have range and distribution – don’t overlook this

Develop research techniques, research within design runs through the whole project, don’t think about this research literally. Design is research at the end of the day. Research in continual not just a starting point for a project

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