Saturday, 16 April 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Fanzine Aesthetic

I took a lot of inspiration from fanzine aesthetics for this brief, because I personally really love them and felt that this aesthetic would complement the subject matter of my chosen investigation. I paid a visit to the Salford Zine library which gave me plenty of visual inspiration and I also looked online for authentic, vintage designs. Fanzines feel brutally honest and authentic and are undeniable unique. They are also closely associated with underground movement and rebellion. They can also be linked with campaigning and the voicing of strong, individual opinions and views of minorities. These qualities lend them-self perfectly to my design investigation and experimentation. I also just think they are wonderfully expressive, inventive and playful and these are feelings I wanted to convey in the zine that I produced as part of the 'food smart' starter pack for this brief as well as the supporting printed poster/leaflet campaign. 

Beautiful zine from Swedish artist Fredrik Åkum.:

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