Sunday, 15 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 01 - Final Sets of Notes

Once I had successfully screen printed the front and back of the highest denomination, I decided it would be a nice idea to go back and design some of the lower denominations of my 'afterlife currency'. For the exhibition, I decided to design and print the highest to demonstrate the ridiculousness of my concept. The highest denomination is in theory, unlimited, so I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate the scope and range of the other notes. In terms of aesthetics, I decided to keep everything uniform and consistent in terms of layout and positioning of content. I spent a while debating what sort of imagery to include on the other denominations. I settled on using imagery associated with Satan and evil to run in-line with the overarching concept of my currency. The images I chose turned out to all be animals, which I believe was suitable considering the printed design features a rams skull. 

The animals I chose were snakes, bats and ravens, all have strong connections to the 'devil' and general themes of evil and hell. I created repeat patterns using free vectors found online and chose subtle colours that for me relate to the theme of hell and evil. I think that the notes function well as they are not overly complicated or full of content, there is some space for the design to breath which I think makes them have a higher visual impact. 

Once I had finalised the designs, I decided to evaluate various colour combinations. 
I think the notes work equally as well with bright, neon colours as well as muted, more subdued ones. I also experimented with inverting the colours, which resulted in some very striking designs. I actually think that the inverted notes are more successful than the block coloured ones. They are more subtle and sleek and would look wonderful printed with metallic inks or using foiling. 

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