Friday, 13 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Concept

I deliberated for a long time in terms of areas of research and investigation for this brief. I brainstormed ideas for a while because I was finding it difficult to settle on a topic that I genuinely feel passionate about. I try to continually stay up to date with current social, cultural, political and environmental current affairs, without getting too depressed. I struggled to decide on the scale that I wanted to take this project in, in terms of locality. I found it difficult to decide whether or not to tackle a global, national or very local topic, so in the end I chose to tackle a global issue that has very local implications.

The Real Junk-Food Project is a global mentality. They establish Pay As You Feel cafes in towns and cities that divert food destined for waste and landfill and turn it into delicious, nutritious and healthy meals that are consumed by the local population. The organisation greatly accepts donations in either time, skill or money. They are a non-profit organisation and have several cafes here in Leeds.

I have attended a number of their fundraising events in the centre of Leeds which are always packed with lots of people. I have always been interested in the cause that this charitable organisation promotes, especially on a very local scale.

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