Monday, 16 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Validation of Concept

After deliberating for a long time, I finally settled on a concept for brief 02 of OUGD505. Following a very informal tutorial session with Danny, I have decided to focus my research and practical investigation on the issue of being food smart and strategies to raise awareness about food waste across the world.

During level 04, I became aware of highly relevant and positive cause known as the Real Junk Food Project. This is a charitable organization which has set up an extensive network of pay as you feel cafes across the UK, Europe and parts of Australia. The aim of the co-op is to eliminate unnecessary food waste and to make people more aware of the consequences of wasting perfectly edible food. They work with volunteers who donate either their money, time or skills to transform food that was destined for landfill into inventive, healthy and delicious dishes for anyone to consume. They mainly cater towards those who are food insecure, they are not a charity who is targeting the 'homeless' or those who are in poverty. That is what draws me most to the organization, the fact that they are inclusive of all groups represented in society.

Currently, the organization has little to no branding or identity. Their entire online presence is lacking, and feels slightly unprofessional. This is understandable, considering they are a non-government funded project that has roots in the start-up field. I appreciate the fact that they have very limited access to contemporary design/identity, which is why I want to use OUGD505 to develop my own skills, passions and interests into this area of graphic design and hopefully create a strong brand/identity that The Real Junk-Food Project may well want to adopt once it is complete.

This is the current logo. Personally, I think it is pretty clever but it doesn't really stand out or catch your eye. I think that a logo type would work a lot more effectively, it would create a contemporary aesthetic and would make the pay as you feel cafes feel a lot more sophisticated, hopefully directing the target market away from preconceived opinions and stereotypes. Ultimately, this sort of project is going to be controversial, because so many people are put off by the idea of eating food that was about to go to landfill. I realise that I am going to have to create branding that gives the real junk food project a positive and fresh public image/aesthetic.

Alongside the branding, I want to create some additional pieces of design that will spread awareness of the cause in way that will be wider reaching across society. I will create a zine that would have the potential to be developed into a series, I will also produce minimal posters and flyers that would be distributed in a guerilla fashion, encouraging people to engage with social media through the presence of a simple hashtag. I will produce a range of collateral and supporting pieces of design to really appeal to the broadest range of people I possibly can.

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