Tuesday, 17 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Research - Wheatpaste Art

Site specific wheat-paste art has been on my radar for sometime now. For a while, I thought that it was pure street art, just simply another way for artists to express themselves in the public domain. I have come to realise that often, a lot of this sort of street art is in fact more meaningful and purposeful. This art has the potential to make large, bold social, cultural and political comments and statements and I have realised that this sort of technique of distribution would suit the needs of my project perfectly. 

A lot of the designs I have been producing would look wonderful if they were printed out in monochrome and pasted onto walls in urban environments using wheat paste process. I feel this would allow me to reach a far more diverse target audience than by simply producing a digital and printed campaign. This would allow anyone on the street to interact with the cause and spark a conversation. This would be an excellent way of distributing a range of products that I have produced for this brief. I also just really love the aesthetic achieved through using this process. It's raw, gritty and reflective of contemporary visual culture. Site specific pasting would also allow me to embed deeper conceptual and contextual messages into the work. For example, I could post a series of posters on the outside walls of a supermarket, or on the windows of a restaurant, or just simply on the sides of bins in cities. It could take the campaign to the next level. 

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