Monday, 2 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Junk-Food Zine

I wanted to create a zine that would function to educate, enlighten and inspire people to be more smart with their food. The zine promotes the cause of the junk food project and also offers useful tips on how to avoid wasting food in the future. It also includes easy to follow recipes which can be made entirely from waste food or leftover ingredients. The aesthetic of the zine feels very DIY, grungy and is inspired by fan zine aesthetics, but it was created entirely digitally. I designed it in monochrome so that it would use minimal inks should it go to commercial print and so that it would replicate fan zine aesthetic if printed on colourful single colour stock. The zine ties together the branding of the organisation and the gureilla style print campaign perfectly. This synthesis was essential to make people realise the connection between the two design directions. It will appear in the Junk Food starter packs that will be distributed to people across all areas within society, namely young families, couples and people living with friends etc. 

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