Wednesday, 18 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Products, Range and Distribution

I pondered for a long time about the best way of distributing the diverse number of products that I designed and produced for this brief. The most efficient way I saw of distributing them to the widest range of people was in the form of a ‘Food Smart’ start kit, which could be picked up either in one of the Pay As You Feel Cafe’s or ordered online and sent in the post free of charge. The starter kit includes a zine which features food saving tips and left-over recipes. The zine functions to introduce the target audience to the cause and the surround issues. It also includes small flashcards which can be stuck up around the kitchen as reminders to be as conscious as possible when buying, preparing, consuming and storing food. It also includes a food smart shopping list template, which is designed to help me get smarter when shopping for food products in a grocery store. A range of flyer’s and A3 posters would also be included in the pack, encouraging people to paste them where ever they want, spreading the campaign in a Guerrilla fashion. To me, the starter kit would be the best way of distributing the products and raising awareness of the cause. People can also access information through the newly designed website and engage using the hashtags included on the printed materials. 

I also designed and produced a set of screen printed t-shirts, tote bags, paper carrier bags and posters. These would be found in the pay as you feel cafes, and could be purchased for a small donation. Printing designs onto objects such as these spread the message of the campaign in a very effective, non-threatening way and would certainly appeal to a broad range of people. 

The branding for the Junk-Food Project could be translated into other products, including traveling food trucks, pop up cafe’s and restaurants perhaps even regular events and even food festivals. I hope to get in contact with the people who manage the organization to see what they make of my designs, they may even want to use them in a commercial context which would be amazingly rewarding. 

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