Tuesday, 17 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Research - Guerilla Distribution Mockups

This project can be split into two. I have created a slick, polished identity for the Real Junk Food Project which basically includes all the standard collateral you would associate with a chain of cafes, including logos, signs, flags, leaflets, a zine and a website mockup. The second part of the project is a visual campaign, which is comprised mainly of posters and flyers. These posters would be distributed in a gurilla style. I would print them using stock which could be pasted using a wheat-paste process. I would easily be able to make the paste myself from scratch and go out and distribute the posters in  DIY fashion, posting them in places I feel are conceptually relevant. Below, I have mocked up a series of images of where I feel the posters would function the best. I have placed them on bins to make a bold statement and to catch the eye of the house hold food waster. The posters are mocked up in bright colours. In reality, the colours would not be this bright because I would look to use soy based inks which are more environmentally friendly. However, I feel the context in which they appear and the placement of the designs would be the key to their success in spreading the poignant message of the campaign. The posters all say the same thing, this is a deliberate conceptual decision. The repetition of the message is there to represent the extent of our excessive waste habits.  

The posters would also be pasted onto walls and billboards in urban areas in sets of eight to create repeated series of visual stimulation. They would be posted over existing designs to make a bold statement and to really catch the eye of anyone walking by. 

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