Monday, 16 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Reflection

For brief 02 of OUGD504, I decided to design a logo and create some branding for a kick starter project which was for a new sustainable farm. I chose to design for this start-up because of what they stood for. I was very much motivated by their ethics and positive environmental and social intentions. Sustainability is certainly a current creative concern of mine, so when it came to OUGD505, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to extend this interest and see where it would take me in terms of graphic design explorations.

I really enjoyed designing an iconic logo and logo type designs for the start-up. I hadn't really done anything of this nature previously, so it was good practice and pushed me out of comfort zone. Throughout level 05, I have developed a new found passion for branding and identity design., it's now an area within design that I would say I have a flare for and would certainly be happy to work in this field in the future. I wanted to tailor 505 to these current passions, so producing a fully realised, slick and professional branding/identity for a charitable organization seemed like the most sensible and exciting creative challenge to set myself. There is some synthesis between to the two separate and contrasting projects, and its nice to see that my creative concerns have developed from the beginning of level 05 to the very end.

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