Tuesday, 17 May 2016

OUGD505 - Brief 02 - Primary Research Results

I decided to use SurveyMonkey to conduct some very quick and easy primary research for this brief. I basically wanted to gage how much people I have on social media know about food waste issues that affect them on a local, national and global scale. The main aim of my practical work is to educate people about these issues, whilst trying to convince them to waste less food and perhaps try out the food on offer at The Real Junk-Food pay as you feel cafes. This concept may put a lot of people off, but the purpose of my branding work is to change these preconceived negative attitudes and transform them into progressive opinions and mentalities. 

Findings from survey:

Q1) The correct answer is £60. The majority of people said £30 which I find rather interesting. This clearly demonstrates that a number of people are completely unaware of the extent of the UK's food wasting habits. This indicates that there needs to be more emphasis and raised awareness on these statistics to make a positive change nationally. 

My practical project has many ethical motives including environmental and economic.This result tells me that people are perhaps a bit naive to the economic implications of our current food wasting habits, and something drastic needs to happen to reduce further environmental and economic damage for future generations to come. 

 Q2) The correct statistic is actually 18 Million. The majority of people said between 10 -15, which again indicates a distinct lack of awareness of these issues that affect everyone. This is an area that I am going to have make sure I clearly communicate through my practical work to make people aware of the environmental impact of their waste habits/decisions.

Q3) The correct stat is approximately 1 Billion. The majority of people who answered this got this correct which is reassuring, it demonstrates that people are in-tune and educated about this issue. Food insecurity is directly linked with global food waste patterns. Food insecurity is huge problem here in the UK as well as developing nations, and I think people are slightly blind to this fact. This may be another area that will need highlighting in my practical investigation. 

Q4) The correct answer is £14 billion, which is a staggering amount. This was the least popular response for this question which makes me concerned that people are again unaware of the extent of our food waste habits. I think that people just don't realise the combined efforts of the UK in terms of food waste costs. This will definitely need to be made clear through my designs.

Q5) This made me feel good, it demonstrates that people are aware of what the various best before and use by date labels are for. They can often being confusing and can cause people to make irrational decisions when it comes to wasting food. 

Q6) The correct statistic is 14 million tonnes. This was the most popular response which is a positive indication of people's awareness levels.

Q7) The last question is very specific to my project. I am creating a slick, contemporary identity for an organization which could potentially seem controversial in the eyes of the general public, however, the result from this survey indicates that people are in fact more open to projects such as the real junk-food organization than I would have presumed. This reassures me that the work I am doing will be appreciated and well received should it actually be used by TRJFP. 

Conducting this research has proven to be incredibly useful to the development of this brief. 

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