Thursday, 1 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 01 - Development of Ideas

I tried out a number of folding and cutting techniques for the development of this brief. Here I was experimenting with the concept of perspective. It was worth while trying this concept out as it is one of the more playful ideas I generated. I realised that my content would not really function well on a folded design such as this. 

This test fold is moving towards how I want my final design to look like. I cut out random shapes on the front panel of the leaflet. On the final design, these cut away's will reveal the content hidden underneath, making the leaflet fun and interactive for the audience of readers. 

Further cut away experimentations. The size and fold here is what I will be going for when I begin designing and formatting the content using InDesign:

Final folding technique decided:

Type decisions and development of design: I have chosen to use Futura for the copy of the leaflet. This is a timeless, classic typeface that I feel represents the ideologies of the Bauhaus distinctly. It is also one of personal favourite typefaces and represents my creative practice well. For the headings and titles, I have opted for CassandraTwo, a wonderfully geometric and intricate typeface that again visually represents the Bauhaus for me.

Very rough screenshot of how my content will look. I am keeping it all monochrome at the moment and will consider injecting some colour or printing onto a nice piece of high quality coloured stock. 

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