Saturday, 31 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 03 - Development of Layouts

Once I had settled on a suitable type combination, I went back and decided to tweak the layouts of the double page spreads. For the first few spreads, I have included full bleed photograph. Opening the publication this way lets the audience/reader know right away that this publication is a photography focused one, there is little emphasis on textual information. I have then included a very brief introductory page, summarising the cemetery's background history in very few words. You then move onto another double page full bleed spread and then you are greeted with a table of contents. I didn't want to put lines and lines of text describing each letterform next to the photographs, so I decided to tackle the issues using a table of contents/index system, which I think is effective in communicating the information efficiently. I then turned my attention to the actual layout of the photographic content. In the earlier stages of this brief, I employed a quite strict two column gird system to format my images, but I threw that grid system out of the window here. I have opted to layout the images in a more abstract way. Some images take up the whole page, others home in and focus on specific letter forms. The varying sizes and positioning of the images makes the spreads and overall publication flow more freely. Flicking from page to page is a bit more exciting this way. I am happy that I decided to tweak and push the layouts to this point. 

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