Friday, 9 October 2015

OUDG504 - Brief 02 - Farm Logo Research (Context Specific)

Here is a collection of logos that I found online through carrying out secondary research. I decided to look at context specific logo design in order to inform my design development. I already had a fairly good idea of what contemporary farm logo designs look like, but I did some further visual research to refresh my mind. Here are a few things I noticed featured on a number of the logos I gathered:

-Use of contemporary quite condensed sans serifs, such as Bebas Neu or Helvetica
-In contrast, the use of script, grunge or distressed typography or type that emulates hand rendered fonts
-Organic tones and textures
-Imitations of analogue printing techniques
-Colours associated with crops, wildlife and nature
-Monochromatic logotype and iconic designs
-Silhouettes of animals/crops
-Simplistic geometric shapes

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