Monday, 12 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Production Considerations

STUDIO BRIEF 2 – “Logostarter” logo design
  • Limitations? Screen or print? - I didn’t really see that many creative limitations when it first set out on this brief. I usually approach briefs by sketching out initial ideas and brainstorming, I then go on to experiment with various materials and process such as inks, paints, collaging. I used all these techniques and translated them into digital outputs which was straightforward enough
  •  Liaising with client/brand consultant? - Contacting the ‘client’ was a new thing for me, something I hadn’t done previously. I found it relatively straightforward writing an formal yet friendly email and sending it off to the client. I kept tone of voice as professional as I could at this stage in my ‘design career’. Contacting clients in some shape or form is a core aspect of any job within the creative industries.
  • Software choices? - Scale and reproducibility? My logo was originally going to be completely hand rendered. The initial designs which were developed into the final design were all hand rendered. I used a range of collage, drawing and sketching to generate the final design concept, which was then refined into a vectorized image. Logos need to be high in quality; therefore converting my original artwork into vector form was necessary. Scanning in my artwork was appropriate for the purpose of development, but for the final outcome it needed to be of the highest possible visual quality. Working with vectors also allows you to scale the design up or down without losing quality which is very helpful. In industry, programmes such as Illustrator are standard, and I would feel comfortable using them. 
  • Effectiveness of sizes? - I feel my logo works best at a medium scale. It can function as a symbolic or as a combination mark, and because it is a vector graphic, it can of course be scaled up or down to whatever size the client feels appropriate. I feel it is more effective as a combination mark, as many farm logos often include typography to communicate the name of the farm. I think my logo would function well within the context of the industry, as it sits well/functions across a range of collateral
  • Mockups / templates / collateral - I created a poster and a loyalty card as part of the collateral for this brief. These were created in monochrome so that they could be printed onto coloured stocks to save on ink printing costs. The monochrome design run in line with the overall branding of the farm. 

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