Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 03 - Layout Decisions

After experimenting digitally with layout, I did some thumbnail sketches to get further ideas flowing. I haven't been entirely sure on how to approach the layout of the images, in particular whether or not to include full bleed images or edit them into strict columns and rows to create more modular looking layouts. It really comes down to which part of the image I place the significance on. The photographs gathered are quite visually busy, the letter forms sometimes tend to blend into one. I personally find this quite interesting, because it requires the viewer/reader to work a little harder to find what they're told to look for. I don't really want to crop the images right down and isolate the letter forms, this would render the photographs too minimalistic and potentially bland. 

Dimensions: 23 x 25cm 

Taking body copy into consideration. However I am unsure at this point just how much textual information I am going to include in the final publication design. The brief doesn't actually specify how much body copy to include in the publication, nor how many letters of the alphabet we chose to show through our gathered photography. I as the designer have complete creative authority and freedom, so I will see how I feel about including a lot of body copy.

I think this type of layout below will prove to be effective in communicating my gathered content. This very structured, minimalist approach to page layout may be the best option for this publication, as I have a lot that I want to squeeze in. Columns are great for body copy and image alike. 

Some more abstract/experimental layout choices:

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