Friday, 9 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Type Decisions

In the later stages of my development, I experimented with various typefaces to see how they would interact with my illustrative hand rendered design. I was primarily seeing if web fonts that are designed to look like hand writing would work well with my designs. I played around with Amatic SC for a while, but after receiving some feedback early on I decided to move away from it and try out some more 'solid' sans serifs. People said that Amatic reminded them of cheesy posts that you would stereotypically associate with Tumblr photography posts. Amatic does have some redeeming qualities, but ultimately didn't really integrate well with my illustrated sheep. 

I decided to see what Bebas had to offer my design. I quite like its contemporary feel, and I also liked the way it contrasted quite dramatically with the roughness of the illustration. However, after receiving some quick feedback I realised it wasn't suitable for this design. People made the point that it looked like an animal cruelty campaign, it is just a bit too harsh, especially when underlined. I agreed with these points of critique, so I moved on to look at other typefaces and experimented a lot with hand rendered type. 

Bebas Neu experiments:

Here you can see I have experimented with type composition. I also introduced a small bar of black on the right of the logo in an attempt to make it visually balanced. I am not 100% sure what it actually has to offer the design at this stage, I am most likely going to get rid of it. However, for the purpose of development it was interesting to try it out. 

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