Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Research into Logo Design

After defining the logo design requirements for this brief, I looked into hand rendered logo design online. I established early on that I wanted my final design to have a bespoke, hand rendered quality and feel to it. I looked on a number of visual inspiration websites to get my ideas flowing, with Pinterest being the most helpful. I came across a number of Iconic and Logotype designs which provided me with some initial inspiration. All of the images I have posted below are purely monochrome, and I gathered them for that specific reason. I established early on that I wanted my design to function well in monochrome as it suits the name of the brand perfectly. Simplistic monochrome logos/icons are timeless and suit a number of print and web based contexts very successfully. I also feel that monochrome logos are quite trendy at the moment and I want my design to have a contemporary feel as well as a unique illustrative feel.

Illustrated typography has become a field in its own right, with illustrators, designers and self-made letterers working across media to present their unique spin on this growing trend.
From traditional sign making in local communities to editorial illustration and publishing, to ground breaking advertising campaigns, hand drawn typography injects personality and playful fun into our daily lives, that is why I am drawn to it so much.

My logo design needs to feel bespoke and unique to the farm and I feel by incorporating hand rendered elements into my design I will be able to achieve those desired qualities. Below are a few examples of inspiring hand rendered logos that I have collected to help me push my design further. 

I like the combination of quirky illustration and hand rendered type in this logo. It's very indie and has a strong aesthetic to it. The type and image compliment each other and work effortlessly together, this is something I need to achieve in my designs. 

I like how the type here is moulded to fit inside the symbols of the logos.

I also looked at simplistic vector logo designs that have a certain illustrative edge to them. These logo designs play off visual queues and wit in order to function, something that I want to attempt to incorporate into my monochrome designs.



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