Wednesday, 28 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 03 - Cover Design Experiments (Digital)

Below are a number of cover design experiments. I downloaded as many free black letter typefaces I could find, looking specifically for contemporary takes on this classic and very traditional style of calligraphy/typography. Updated takes on black letter typography are very popular currently. Modified slab serifs or block like serif fonts are interesting and have a lot of potential in my eyes. I came across numerous examples of very Gothic and traditional letterforms in the cemetery, so I saw it very fitting to include a typeface of a similar nature either on the front or on the opening double page spread. 
I have included a thin box around the type to subtly reference the shape of a gravestone. This was purely for the purpose of being experimental, however the theme of think stroked lines could run throughout the overall design of my publication. Outlined typography is striking and quite contemporary to me, so this might be something I choose to develop further.

Here I chose to see what a much bolder, bock like contemporary black letter font would have to offer. I like its heaviness and its contrast with the sleeker serif font used underneath. I also chose to fill the rest of the cover design with black and a very dark image taken at the cemetery. By doing this, the cover begins to feel far less minimal and more impactful. There is more contrast and it catches your eye. I am still interested however in seeing what a type only design would look like. 

Here I was playing around with gradient effects. Gradients are undoubtedly trendy and contemporary, for example, gradients appear repeatedly on content seen on TendList. I quite like the effects achieved here through the use of gradients, but I also feel that it cheapens the aesthetic slightly, something I definitely want to avoid doing. 

Further experimentation with imagery and increased contrasts. 

Further type only experiments, these are amongst some of my favourites that I produced. 

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