Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Initial Sketches/Ink Experiments

I knew from the second that I found my Kickstarter project that I would be incorporating hand rendered elements to design the logo for this brief. The first stage in my design process was to get my initial ideas down on paper using black drawing ink and collaging techniques. I made the paper wet and flicked the ink on to create some abstract patterns and textures. I did this to try and emulate the appearance of sheep's wool. I will attempt to incorporate these textures into the logo somehow. It was really fun to experiment with ink and I feel it is highly appropriate within the context of the brand. 

A number of rough concepts looking specifically at the form of a stereotypical sheep head and its silhouette from a side view. 

Here are some rough hand rendered type ideas which need developing. This is the general direction I see my self taking in terms of type decisions.

Here I used water and blank ink to draw a sheep looking at the view from behind its body. I wanted to keep it as simplistic as possible. I decided to not include the eyes because I didn't want it to end up looking too much like a cartoon, nor did I want it to look overly realistic or detailed. This ink experiment is one of my favourites and I will definitely take it further into development. 

Similar ink experiment and hand rendered type in the corner of the design. 

Here, I was experimenting with positive and negative shapes using black card. I did this to try out a symbolic approach for the logo design. 

Further sketches, playing off the concept of shadow and positive/negative space:

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